[tw5] Exploring TiddlyWiki 5.1.18 subfilter operator and else
2018-12-08 06:34:04 UTC

I have being looking at the use of the subfilter operator in TiddlyWiki

There is no real explanation why you would use it in the documentation, But
I have found my own way; Have you?

\define in-context() [domain{!!domain}project{!!project}client{!!client}]
\define new-tasks() [tiddler-type[task]!has[item-started]!has[item-completed
\define active-tasks() [tiddler-type[task]has[item-started]!has[item-

;So a filter

;Can now be simplified to the filter below, much more readable.


The context filter basically says does it have the same domain, project or
client of the current tiddler including if blank, they are also blank.

But it begs the Question, perhaps the synonym "filter" would be just
meaningful as subfilter, when their is no filter to be sub of, eg;

This example is fictitious

Using the else prefix you could do the following


To list all new tasks in context, and once there are none left (because
they are made active or cancelled), list all the active tasks in context
instead. The same could be done for overdue, urgent etc...

Food for though
Please share your ideas

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