[tw5] SonicPi, TiddlyWiki and OSC?
Alex Hough
2018-12-08 10:24:10 UTC
Dear All,

I've been playing with Sonic Pi [1] and was shown how it can take OSC data
from TouchOSC [2]

I searched the web and found osc.js [3]

I was wondering if :
a) anyone exploring or wants to explore TiddlyWiki, SonicPi and OSC?
b) they would be interested in collaborating on a art installation using
these technologies?
c) TW could take the place of TouchOSC

All comments and thoughts most welcome

best wishes


[1] https://sonic-pi.net/
[2] https://hexler.net/software/touchosc
[3] https://github.com/colinbdclark/osc.js/
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