[tw] Useful macro to build and display/act-on a "linked-list" of tiddlers
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Diego Mesa
2018-02-12 18:14:42 UTC
Hey all,

While working on my Spaced Repetition/Anki system, I've developed this
general link-list macro which might be useful. Its purpose is to take a
subfilter, eg: "tag[Flash Card]", sort them someway, eg: created, an ending
link (eg: "Results"), and create a series of links from one tiddler to the
next, all the way to the end. The "next" tiddler in the link is saved in a
field, whose name you can also specify.

Right now, it also has the list navigation built in (action-navigate),
though Im sure we can just add an additional actions parameter to this
macro in the future.

\define createAndShowLinkedList(subfilter lastlink sortby:created
<!-- for the n many cards, we return n-1 -->
<$formula-vars counter="count([$subfilter$])-1">
<!-- iter goes from 0 to n-2 -->
<$list filter="[range<counter>butlast[]]" variable="iter">
<!-- arrays need to be accessed from 1 to n -->
<$formula-vars current="nth([$subfilter$sort[$sortby$]], <<iter>> +
1)" next="nth([$subfilter$sort[$sortby$]], <<iter>> + 2)">
<$action-setfield $tiddler=<<current>> $field=$linkfieldname$
<!--<Current: <<current>>, Next: <<next>> <br/> -->
<!-- take last element with no forward link -->
<$list filter="[range<counter>last[]]" variable="iter">
<$formula-vars current="nth([$subfilter$sort[$sortby$]], <<iter>> +
<$action-setfield $tiddler=<<current>> $field=$linkfieldname$

<!-- begin list navigation -->
<$list filter="[$subfilter$sort[$sortby$]first[]]">
<$action-navigate $to=<<currentTiddler>>/>

It currently uses Evan's excellent formula plugin. I'm pretty sure someone
could do all of the counting, adding, etc without it, but Im not sure how
to get the *range* using just core features. I was thinking of trying to
make this my first core PR, but I couldnt see a way around the use of range.

If anyone has any feedback, critcisms, etc please let me know!

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