[tw5] Abbreviation list: A proof of concept
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2018-12-06 20:09:06 UTC
Abbreviation list

When you use several abbreviations in a tiddler or wiki, you may need to
list all those acronyms somewhere in your tiddler.
To do so, I have developed a short macro uses data tiddlers to store the
list of terms plus their full explanation and then list
them in an alphabetical order.

A demo has been given here using TW 5.1.18

http://kookma.tiddlyspot.com/ <http://kookma.tiddlyspot.com/>

The main macro here is

\define abbr-list(indexes, dtiddler:"")
<table class="table-borderless">
<$list filter="$indexes$ +[sort[]]" variable="item">
<td style="color:blue;"><<item>></td>
<td><$view tiddler=<<__dtiddler__>> index=<<item>> /></td>

In this demo also the abbr macro from Shiraz plugin (
https://github.com/kookma/Shiraz) has been used.

- Mohammad
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