[tw] Isn't this a Developer Group (DIY, at least) in partial denial it is?
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2017-07-24 12:39:10 UTC
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I know that TiddlyWikiDev exists. I'm cognisant of GitHub.

I've been looking back over posts here, though. A lot look pretty advanced
stuff. Well at least I don't know what half of them are talking about :-).

We are friendly. But I suspect we are somewhat intimidating for April
MacKenzie and her followers.

There also seems to be virtually NO MARKETING of TW. No FAQ. No
ADVERTISEMENTS. Nothing GENERAL to entice browsing visitors to try
TiddlyWiki. *No regular PINNED advice for BEGINNERS*.

A little too much of an in-group. But THIS place IS the biggest public
forum about TiddlyWiki. I am sure many people come visit but don't take the
plunge. The waters look can look deep.

Just thoughts
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