[tw] Announcing Apps Folder access
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Arlen Beiler
2017-10-03 03:34:04 UTC
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Hello everyone,

Over the weekend, as you know, I upgraded
https://twcloud.github.io/tw5-dropbox/ to the new Dropbox API. I also took
the opportunity to add apps folder access, since it involved about 4 extra
lines of code (and a little UI).

So now when you go to the link above, it will ask you which one you want.
If you already were using TW5 in the Sky, just click Full Dropbox Access,
and you get it the same as always. If you want to only give the app access
to its own folder in Dropbox, click Apps Folder Access.

The buttons are just styled hyperlinks, so you can drag them directly to
your bookmarks bar if you always want to go straight to one or the other.

The Dropbox stats page shows that some people have already noticed, but
since this has been a requested feature, I thought I would announce it to
let everyone know.

Unfortunately, TWC is not supported. You may be able to TWC files, but
won't be able to save them. Pull requests or Issues with instructions on
what needs to be done are definitely welcome.

So here's the link again: https://twcloud.github.io/tw5-dropbox/

And here's the Github repo: https://github.com/twcloud/tw5-dropbox

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